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Creating custom interactive experiences for brands via Alexa

Role: Creative Director


When I joined the Amazon Audio Ads team, I took creative ownership of a product called Branded Experiences with Alexa. Each experience starts with a multimedia campaign that promotes a custom phrase (e.g., "Alexa, tell me about the new Lexus.") When a customer says that phrase to their Alexa device, an experience launches that enables them to further engage with the brand. They can play trivia with their favorite TV character, get more info about specific product features, set a reminder for an upcoming event, and oh, so much more.

Because this was a net-new offering, I was involved not only in creating the ads and experiences, but also developing the workflow, pitch decks, and educational materials. In under two years, we helped dozens of advertisers delight customers via Branded Experiences with Alexa. The proprietary product continues to solidify Amazon's reputation as an innovator in digital audio.


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