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Defining an identity for a burgeoning brand

Client: Amazon Launchpad

Role: ACD, Copywriter


When Amazon Launchpad came to us, inconsistent messaging and a narrow approach were distracting customers from the big picture. So, we found a common thread that runs through their diverse range of products—the ability to upgrade the everyday. Our tagline, "For life's little upgrades," became the backbone of this brand awareness push and eventually found its way into their brand tenets.

Upgrade the Everyday

The creative team worked with media to make a splash with a thoughtful targeted plan that included everything from carousels and retargeted ads to Pins and sweepstakes. And the audience showed up—with a 62% video completion rate, a 13-point lift in ad recall, and an 8-point lift in brand awareness.

Here's a little peek behind the scenes.


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